"No matter how different we may be from each other, if we treat each other with respect we can always be friends!" - Michael Darby


* Roger Bryan Elementary School Special Education Teacher Allie Garcia says, "You guys were amazing! The teachers could not stop talking about how you need to be on the Disney channel!"

* Red Rock Elementary Counselor Mary Rosal says, "Michael Darby & Smile's assembly was very entertaining for my group of 1st and 2nd graders. I was worried that the younger kids would not be able to maintain focus, however they sat spellbound through the entire show. If you would like to send the message of being nice to all people, I highly recommend this assembly for kids in grades K-3rd."

* Elementary Counselor Mandy Schnurpel says, " Having Michael Darby & Smile visit our school was an amazing experience for the students. At Laura Dearing, we have been focusing on how to interact with peers in a positive way and this assembly reinforced that for the students, The children enjoyed singing and dancing along the show and are still talking about it two days later!" 

* Elementary 2nd Grade Teacher Missy Jason says, "Thank you so much for your performance this morning. The kids LOVED it! They all wanted to write you a card when we got back to our room. You guys ROCK!"

* Adams Elementary School Counselor Danielle Spencer says, "Thank you for coming! We all enjoyed your performance immensely!! It was great to look at the students and staff singing along and participating. I love the way that Michael Darby & Smile send out a positive message in a fun and entertaining way! Thanks again!!"

* The Alexander Dawson School Program Coordinator Patty Williams says, "You guys were delightful! The look on some of our kids faces as they were dancing to your music was one of sheer joy! We had a wonderful time and your message was spot on. Thanks again for sharing your talent with us."

* Elementary School Principal Dr. Dobry says, "Ashley and Michael provide a highly entertaining assembly with a strong anti-bullying message. Audience participation keeps the students focused throughout this energetic performance."

* KVVU FOX5 News Las Vegas, Program Director Leilani Molinaro (Lani) says, "I support and applaud Michael Darby's efforts. We really need more people like him! Thank you Michael for what you do."