"No matter how different we may be from each other, if we treat each other with respect we can always be friends!" - Michael Darby

1. Full FBI background check.

2. Has satisfactorily completed all requirements for professional boundaries when working with youth.

3. Employed by the Elementary Equity and Diversity Department at the Las Vegas School District for his original educational works. (5th largest school district in the nation.)

4. Has officially been approved and placed on the San Diego School District Roster for his safe learning environment assemblies.

5. Has taught PreK-12th grade in public and private schools.

6. Employed by the Salt Lake City School District to work with children who have autism, aspersers and down syndrome.

7. Employed by the Utah Children's State Hospital.

8. Worked directly with the Provo, Utah School District Psychologist developing educational programs.

9. Contributed to a coping skills program while employed at Copper Hills Youth Center.

10. Has performed service work/financial contributions for more than 100 charities/501c3's including the Boys and Girls Club, YMCA and the Ronald McDonald House.

11. Has procured accolades for his work in second step crisis management with youth.

12. Is the author of "I HAVE A FRIEND WHO..." an anti-bullying/literacy children's book that has been placed in elementary school libraries and public libraries throughout the world.  

Michael Darby's Qualifications