"No matter how different we may be from each other, if we treat each other with respect we can always be friends!" - Michael Darby

FREE FIRST Ballet / Jazz / Tap DANCE CLASSES FOR AGES 3-18 in LAS VEGAS with WORLD CLASS INSTRUCTOR Ashley Miller of Michael Darby and Smile!!!!!! : ) Ashley Miller has performed for more then 10 million people in her 27 years as a dancer. She has taught dance for more then 16 years using dance as a refuge and as a catalyst to help children build confidence and celebrate their talents. She is passionately committed to providing each individual the opportunity to learn the art of dance in a positive, structured, and inspiring environment. Ashley offers individual attention, respect towards each student, and gentle guidance through the proper techniques of dance. She focuses on the proper use of the body while developing artistry and self-expression within each dancer.

Tuition Rates: Email or call for pricing.

It is a private lesson and the best part is you don't have to travel! I come to you with my dance gear. :) 

To schedule your DANCE LESSON please contact Ashley Miller directly at: (702) 271-9428 or aimhighsmile@gmail.com.

Dance Lessons